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This is why she will always be my sister in every way that matters! <3
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My edit, not my photo Northlane- Masquerade
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So, this half black/white kid got a tattoo of the Oreo barcode on his wrist

Why does it matter matter that this guy is mixed race!? You could of just written, “This kid”. Like his fucking skin colour matters! Cunt.

His bi-racial ethnicity is probably the point of the Oreo tattoo joke, cunt.


imagine this kid working as a cashier, and this one customer is pissing them off, so they just casually swipe their tattoo under the scanner, after every item, and later the customer is just like, I DONT REMEMBER BUYING FIFTY CASES OF OREOS. (via)

whenever someone asks me what tumblr is, i will show them this post
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"What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves" ~Gandhi

Showed this ad to my sixth graders during our persuasive mini unit and they loved discovering the hidden meaning behind it.
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"Every time I hear your name my body aches, because your arms are home and I am so home sick."
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'Open When…' Letters!

Here’s my stack! I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it was super cute and an easy way to do something special instead of just making another care package. I only sent ten this time around and I sent them in a larger manila envelope. At my post office, sending these in my own envelope was actually less expensive than sending them in one of the flat rate envelopes!

Here’s what I put in each:

Open When…

First- I explained the letters and mentioned that, knowing him, I didn’t expect him to wait to open each one. I’ll know he’ll open all of them at one time! (and then go back to each one)

You are Bored- I found a website where I could create my own word searches, crosswords, word jumbles, and hidden codes and made them all about us, our favorite things to do together, and inside jokes. I think he’ll have a lot of fun with more personalized puzzles to keep him entertained.

Mad at Me- I wrote and apology letter telling how much I loved him.

You Need a Trip Down Memory Lane - I wrote a letter telling the story of our first date and a picture of us on that date!

You Can’t Sleep - A letter telling him to think of good things and what it will be like when he comes home.

You are Feeling Under the Weather - A funny ‘get well soon’ card from the store and a packet of Emergen-C

You are Feeling Frisky - Ladies (and gents), you know how it is trying to keep the romance alive from a distance!

You are Feeling Homesick - A Florida postcard with a small note on the back and a ziplock bag with grass from my backyard!

You’ve had a Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very bad Day - An encouraging letter along with a rubber band to remind him to be flexible, a paper clip to help him keep it together, and a penny for good luck!

You Need to Know Just How Much I Love You - I put on some lipstick and filled a sheet of paper with lipstick kisses and wrote reasons why I love him on each one!

(via military-sweethearts)